I can hardly believe June is almost over but we have packed a lot into this month already in the Foxford Cafe  

We have had 2 major events so far ...... We held our second “A taste of Foxford Cafe” cookery demo, I’m delighted to say it sold out.

The following weekend we hosted a Wild Salmon event, we don’t do things by half here!!

This event came about from a discussion that took place over a year ago after our fearless leader aka the boss had been to France and had come across a small village famous for their beef and they were hosting events in local restaurants on this particular weekend to celebrate their local produce

So we thought ....... well we have got so many beautiful products here in the West of Ireland and we really should celebrate them too.

So many choices ...... but we immediately decided on Wild Irish Salmon as we are on the banks of the River Moy. We wanted to create a unique opportunity for our customers to sample this wonderful natural resource which would be sustainably caught and tagged by fishermen along the West coast at a reasonable cost to them.

After contacting several suppliers we soon realized we were going to be facing quite a challenge. We eventually made contact directly with a fisherman who held the appropriate license of which there are very few!! We were aware it was going to be difficult and that we would have very short notice due to the nature of our supply chain. However we were determined to go ahead. Even the fishery board who were delighted we were going to host an event had doubts we would secure enough of these seemingly priceless creatures!

The difficulty in getting access to the Wild Salmon did make me think.

As much as I understand the need to sustain stocks, protect this wonderful natural resource and have quotas in place so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past, I see no reason why cafes and restaurants like ourselves in the Moy catchment area which is supposedly famous for its Wild Irish Salmon can’t have an easier path to sourcing it for two months of the year. Food tourism on the rise and is becoming a huge factor in attracting people to areas like Mayo and other Counties along the Wild Atlantic Way.

 Tourists constantly ask the question , Is your Salmon Wild? Where was it caught?? It is difficult to explain that despite the fact that we are on the banks of the Moy, we don’t have access to the Salmon caught there. We made a conscious decision over a year ago to only feature Clare Island Organic Salmon on our Menu.

Anyway ..... our event date was set for the 16 & 17th of June, and on Thursday we received news that our precious cargo had been caught. I was delighted but honestly at this point I started to become a little nervous. I now had the responsibility of preparing this precious Salmon. Seamus, my colleague set about gutting and I got ready to Fillet, I realized as it sat on the board with glassy eyes looking back at me that I hadn’t prepared a whole salmon in approximately 17 years... I joked about the two bakers prepping the precious cargo but inside I was nervous but we managed quite well. It’s like riding a bike, filleting is a skill I hadn’t forgotten thankfully 😅 and I had a skilled assistant.

It all ended up well in the end and even though there was very little notice for our customers we had a full house and the Salmon was beautiful 

We hope to host this event on an annual basis and look forward to it becoming bigger and better every year. So hopefully we will see a lot more of you joining us for this celebration of one of Irelands most beautiful resources. 

Check out the video .... How to Fillet a Wild Salmon!

Happy Cooking

Till next time.



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