Welcome to the Foxford Lifestyle

The world we live in today doesn't allow us much time to relax and enjoy life so here at Foxford we want to take you on a journey and help you to take some time to consider the good things in life 

Some of the up and coming blogs will be covering ........ 


Our amazing Chef at the Foxford cafe - Kathleen is going to take your into a world of home baking and cooking using seasonal and local produce 


How to choose the perfect furniture and accessories to create an amazing dining experience in your home. 


How to update your living room to the latest trends 


A good nights sleep is so important to our well being, and your bedlinen and the ambience of your room plays a big part in having a restful nights sleep 


And of course the Foxford Throw will be covered in many forms! - from our designers inspiration to how to style any room of your house with our beautiful textiles 

But first up will be our very talented chef Kathleen ... so look out for her coming soon blog on seasonal salads and fruits  

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